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Eating Disorders ~ Maine

This website was designed to assist not only those who have Eating Disorders but also their friends and families and the professionals who work with them.  Please feel free to contact me to let me know the type of information you'd like to see. 

This website is not intended to be an exhaustive resource for information on Eating Disorders.  If there is information about a topic you do not see here it is possible that the links provided on this site may have the information you are looking for.  Feel free to contact me if you cannot find what you are looking for and/or if you'd like the information posted on this site.  Please be aware that I may not be able to post information related to every request.

The website is maintained by Christine L. B. Selby, Ph.D., CC-AASP, licensed psychologist, sport psychologist and eating disorder specialist.  All of the information on this site is intended for educational and informational purposes only.  None of the information should be construed as a specific recomendation or as a substitute for professional assessment and/or treatment.  For more information about Dr. Selby or Selby Psychological Services please go to: http://www.doctorselby.com/.